Create your own tv/radio/podcasting & publishing network on the her heartbeat app.

The Her HeartBeat Global Communications & Broadcasting Community Platform is revolutionizing how people communicate their brand & their message. Our cloud-based technology platform allows brands, businesses & organizations to connect with a larger marketshare and audience, from locally, regionally, nationally to globally.

Her HeartBeat's broadcasting, communications & media technology provides a global distribution platform which allows people to discover, watch, & share originally created content & engage through a multi-media experience completely from their mobile technology! Proprietary information is protected and users own all their content. There is also a media hub that can be accessed from the web for larger content. Now anyone can be a content creator with the ability to connect, inform, and inspire others. Video, audio, slideshows & music will bring your moments, brand & communication to life!

FREE Global communication personally or professionally that can be sent privately to another Her HeartBeat App user or to a group of users. You can also choose to communicate publicly as well. You choose the privacy and own your content always!

Mobile usage has overtaken desktop usage, with a study by comScore showing that American users now spend the majority of their time consuming digital media within mobile apps. This data has been reinforced by reports from Pew Research and the reputed Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report: And in one of the more telling stats from 2015 - last year, Google search volume on mobile finally exceeded desktop numbers in more than 10 nations (including the US).

The mobile shift is happening, it's undeniable - if you're not optimizing your content or considering the mobile experience of your users when constructing your online presence, you're missing out. While this trend has been in effect for some time, in 2016 it'll move to the next level - mobile apps will become an absolutely essential consideration in all marketing campaigns and digital programs. and can help you in relevant marketing and publicity needs. It's worth a conversation over coffee!

Free responsive websites are being launched soon from our tech company too! 

Her HeartBeat's technology & Broadcast features: 

Embed images, videos or slide show. Send multi-media content through broadcasts to individuals, groups or public channels. 

Promotional banners: Cross promote your broadcast messages, Create access links to direct users to targeted content, Use comments to continue the discussion with the comment board which allows users to insert text and image replies. 

Privacy: Broadcasters and users choose how others can comment with them. 

A broadcaster is their own TV/Radio/Podcast/Publishing Network that can be accessed through mobile technology.

Her HeartBeat's Technology & App Business Tools: 

Media Hub that stores important files that can be shared easily and used to build broadcast messages. 

Chat: Communicate globally FREE and securely with our integrated chat service. You can privately message and send images to other users and groups in real time. 

Multi-lingual: Use our services to translate, broadcast messages, forms, and videos in any language to reach a wider audience and accommodate non-native speakers. 

Form Builder: Create and share digital forms and surveys instantly. The form builder allows you to take paper based info and convert it to digital format on all devices. 

Monetize: Increase revenue for your business or fundraising campaigns through development of an easy to build sponsor or foundation "wall" .

As a broadcaster on the HHB global communication platform you have the ability to create forms, translate to other languages, store media online with the media hub, manage documents, forms and payments. 

Her HeartBeat's sister company: Leisha NiCole Media & Branding

 Use Technology to Customize Your Brand. Click Picture Above.

Use Technology to Customize Your Brand. Click Picture Above.