Our Technology Brings a Multi-Million Dollar App to Your Business, Organization or Brand.


A "platform" app gives you a direct line to your customers at all times and increases engagement and marketshare. Her HeartBeat has access to technology that utilizes the multi-million dollar platform revolution.

Not all apps are the same, especially if they are built on the old "tool box' platforms. WATCH OUT for copycats. Be informed.

We build and support branded, broadcasting apps to optimize organizations' communication and commerce.

We create your organization’s branded platform including Apple and Android mobile apps. Just a couple weeks later… you will be communicating to the world like never before!

Now more than ever, businesses are leveraging the power of mobile apps to make their operations more efficient, convenient, and profitable. We give you a powerful broadcast platform to enhance brand consistency, built-in communications, business tools for streamlining work-flow processes, and multilingual capabilities for competing in a global marketplace. As the world continues to become mobile dependent on smartphones and tablets, organizations must find solutions to stay connected with their customers, employees, vendors and general public.


  • Customers/Fans access channel content based on their interests

  • Social component creates a community around your organization’s brand

  • Public and Private communication gives individuals flexibility to broadcast securely to anyone on the network

  • Interactive forms with payment processing helps streamline business work-flow

  • Multilingual capabilities


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Leisha Doherty


Apps start at $399 a month.