Dare To Say Yes!


I've been humbled to have the privilege these last few weeks, to have had conversations with women who have inspired me. These women seemed to have an internal grit, a true strength, and a strong conviction & belief that their mission in life is something they won't give up on.

A commonality I have heard in each of the conversations is they said "Yes" when presented with an opportunity.

They didn't think about it. These women didn't focus on "all" the reasons why the opportunity would be beyond their abilities or believe that their past experiences weren't useful for "this" future opportunity & endeavor. They dared to say yes and then made it happen.

These women also surrounded themselves with other men and women who supported their dare to say yes and helped support them in their success. Collaboration and teamwork is key. It's imperative that if you dare to say yes that you then step away from the naysayers and people who may feed doubt into your soul. That is a must for success.  

I have a belief that the dare to say yes comes from the dare to dream big! 

Isn't is about time to dare....