Circles Of Change Impacts the Conversation

My path first crossed with Mary Ellen's in 2010 when both of our passions to make a difference in people's lives intersected. That's when she first mentioned her idea for "Circles of Change" and it resonated with me. We knew we were meant to somehow work together. Our lives continued to intersect on and off for the next 5 years until 2015 when our latest interaction confirmed it was time to connect more formally. Circles of Change was the perfect platform to create that lasting connection, conversation, and "change circle" that would create ripples of impact through our vision, missions, passions and skill sets.

I believe in "Circles of Change" because it allows for a meaningful conversation that supports collaboration and creates meaningful momentum to impact change locally to globally. 

My media company, Her HeartBeat, has a vision of igniting success in women's lives which is achieved through marketing services, branding services, media services, consulting services, and state-of-the-art technology services. It creates a media culture that is it's own circle of change because it positively impacts women and their voices locally and globally. It helps create that shared conversation and voice. It's more than a conversation as it becomes a tipping point for lasting change.

I chose to become a "Warrior" for Change because I understand the impact of scars, both emotional and physical, and I no longer make a choice for them to define who I am. We are more than our scars. Our journey's can be made beautiful. Her HeartBeat inspires to spread that message to women. 

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world." ~Howard Zinn

Circles Of Change

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