Click image above to find out more about "Custom Digital Brand Cards"

Click image above to find out more about "Custom Digital Brand Cards"

“When you brand yourself authentically, your competition becomes irrelevant.”
— ~Leisha Tedford Doherty, MSW

Today, we have entered “The Female Economy.”

Women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men and are responsible for over 80% of all purchasing decisions. 

It’s more important than ever for you to be connected to your voice, step into your power and know your worth.

It’s the only way to build an authentic, successful brand and business. 

You are part of a new breed of women.  You might be a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a best friend. And, you are an entrepreneur, a business woman, and success beats in your heart. You work hard and you want to make a difference. You may not realize how incredibly smart, savvy and strong you really are. It’s time to connect to your brand authentically to the success your desire.
To create an exceptional brand, we need your most awesome self. Yet, the media and society at large put a tremendous amount of pressure on women to conform. You may have to step out of your comfort zone to access your strengths. Let’s dig deeper and choose Success!

Your success starts with brand clarity.

When building a brand it’s important to understand, not just your strengths, but also the bigger reason WHY you are doing what you’re doing. When you are confident that your brand stands for something, you are able to communicate your message more powerfully and effectively to attract the right people and, ultimately, create business success. “Why" is also important in defining your mission and vision statements and  connecting them to your passion. 

When you are clear about who you are and WHY you do what you do, it’s wearing neon with a spotlight pointed at you, so that your ideal clients, the ones who believe what you believe and resonate with your message, can find you more easily. Then and only then will you be able to build a brand with traction, one that resonates with your audience, and allows you to grow by leaps and bounds.

If you’re ready to create a compelling brand, Her HeartBeat services or packages may be right for you. They are all designed to take your specific needs and goals into consideration. Over the course of these content-rich sessions, we’ll uncover your brand attributes and values, tap into your brand personality, fine tune your message, develop or tweak your marketing materials and create your step-by-step plan to position you as an authority, gain greater visibility and attract more clients and fans.

The misconception about branding is that it's all about your logo and your website. In fact that has little do with it, although those things are important.
Every day we are pioneering new and creative ways to brand your business. Knowing who your target audience is and creating effective methodologies to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace is our specialty. 
Branding gives your business it's identity. In creating your brand we will help to define your business as THE solution to all your potential clients needs. We will help you motivate your buyers and create a strong sense of brand loyalty.
Your brand is the sum total of your customers experiences and perceptions. Let Her HeartBeat help you to create a brand that will carry your business for many years through our Success Strategies.









Her HeartBeat Media & Public Relations Services.

We are a full service Marketing and PR firm headquartered in Upstate NY.  We offer a comprehensive selection of services from marketing, branding and social media management to design and strategy. Her HeartBeat offers a proprietary global communications, broadcasting & publications platform that allows our clients the ability to communicate with their customers and clients in an engaging manner while expanding their market share globally. 

We are strategic partners in creating/building your brand identity, engaging your target audience, and delivering measurable results to impact to your business.

Our team is highly focused. Our passion drives everything we do. Unlike other agencies that focus on a single idea, we take a much more comprehensive approach by analyzing every aspect of your business to deliver the most impactful results possible.

Our team has a unique blend of experience coupled with amazing creativity. 

We believe that establishing a long and lasting relationship with our clients in the key to our success. We strive to make every single client a raving fan. 
Our ability to conduct thorough market research sets us apart in this industry. We`ll determine the key strengths of your business, who your target demographic is and how to target them with the greatest accuracy. For you that means results. 

People often ask us why we are so different than other companies out there.

The answer is simple

We are insanely passionate about what we do. We work hard and we work fast. We are highly experienced and most importantly invested. Our reputation hinges on your success. 

Let’s increase your AUTHENTICALLY AWESOME brand through increased MARKETSHARE. 

Marketing & Social Media Strategy.

After a thorough assessment of your brand and target audience, we’ll develop and implement a social strategy that will connect you with your raving fans and bridge the digital and physical worlds.

We’ll select the most effective channels to ignite interesting conversations and build loyal communities. Through creative ideas and customized campaigns, we’ll educate, entertain and inspire your audience, while ultimately selling more of your products and services.

At Her HeartBeat, we teach clients the best methods of engagement on their social media platforms instead of using them as static advertising channels. And for clients who want us to manage and monitor their social media, we’ll do that too.

“What happens in social media Stays on social media FOREVER.”
— Leisha Tedford Doherty