Rewrite Your Success Rhetoric

"Just Do It" are three words that we have come to know because of the brilliant branding & marketing efforts of Nike to engage women on a more personal level. Brilliant campaign. But I think it's more than a campaign for running shoes. It's a mantra to not let fear stop us. Fear of success as an example per say. But you can substitute any "fear" in there.

In my executive coaching and consulting experience, woman as leaders, who are "more than" capable of so much, often unconsciously stop themselves from going to that next level because of hidden rhetoric that plays all too often in their minds. That rhetoric often times makes sense as we speak it to ourselves because our learned behavior & cultural experience has branded it as reasonable & acceptable "excuses". It all makes sense, and because of the normalcy of "making sense" it sounds reasonable in our own minds. And it's our choice to "stay there" and focus on making it through our very busy and chaotic day of responsibilities and obligations. We may strive for excellence but are stopped by our own "invisible ceilings". Glass ceilings can only be broken when we become very aware of our own "invisible limitations or ceiling."

Just Do It is a belief that you can. It's an action. It's a behavior that is supported by an attitude of "No Fear." So for today, what are you holding back from? What is something that you wanted to do for your success that hasn't happened because you keep coming up with excuses? Those excuses begin to reveal your hidden rhetoric. The great and empowering thing is that you can change the hidden agenda that inhibits your life and begin to break your invisible ceiling. Here is to your success. Just Do It.

By: Leisha Doherty, MSW