Would you like to earn monthly income by referring people, organizations and companies who are interested in developing their own branded apps?

Earn 20% of their monthly invoice as along as the referred party, business or organization uses their branded mobil app and communications platform. Being mobile is a necessity for companies. The same technology that was used to create the "Her HeartBeat Community" platform can be used to create affordable branded apps for individuals, organizations, and corporations.

Our branded apps can be used privately for internal communication or publicly with customers and the larger community to garner a larger market share. Often times organizations and companies will have both a private, internal app and a public app. Just the ease in communication for companies and organizations saves them money and justifies ROI. We also offer increased revenue sources for the referring Channel & Tech Partner. Work directly with me for training, mentoring and success. 

Signing up to be a Her HeartBeat Channel & Referral Partner is easy and it's a great way to generate regular monthly income.

All I need after a conversation is:
Phone Number
Email used for your Pay Pal account to receive funds.

Technology & Broadcast features:

Embed images, videos or slide show. Send multi-media content through broadcasts to individuals, groups or public channels. 

Promotional banners: Cross promote your broadcast messages, Create access links to direct users to targeted content, Use comments to continue the discussion with the comment board which allows users to insert text and image replies. 

Privacy: Broadcasters and users choose how others can comment with them. 

A broadcaster is their own TV/Radio/Podcast/Publishing Network that can be accessed through mobile technology.

Technology & App Business Tools: 

Media Hub: that stores important files that can be shared easily and used to build broadcast messages. 

Chat: Communicate globally FREE and securely with our integrated chat service. You can privately message and send images to other users and groups in real time. 

Multi-lingual: Use our services to translate, broadcast messages, forms, and videos in any language to reach a wider audience and accommodate non-native speakers. 

Form Builder: Create and share digital forms and surveys instantly. The form builder allows you to take paper based info and convert it to digital format on all devices. 

Monetize: Increase revenue for your business or fundraising campaigns through development of an easy to build sponsor or foundation "wall" .

Currently this partnership is only available in the United States. I will be looking for Channel & Tech Partners in other countries in the near future. 

Please email me with questions or interest.
Leisha Doherty
President & CEO of Her HeartBeat