Her HeartBeat is a private consulting agency for women that offers custom success strategies through Marketing Services, Media Services, Branding Services, Coaching & Counseling Services, Education & Training Services, and Technology Services. 


Discover & Live Out Your Purpose.

Create Success in your Life Personally & Professionally.

Determine your optimum balance for business


for relationships.

Through a unique blend of therapy, coaching and consulting,  Her HeartBeat offers custom services, educational programs and technology that ignite success in women's lives both personally & professionally. 

Her HeartBeat's Mission:

To Help Women Ignite Success in their lives! 

Her HeartBeat Technology Platform:

“Why Lipstick? Because I love it! It’s NOT about the lipstick & It IS about the lipstick! Put on a little Lipstick, roll up your sleeves, get to work and make it a GREAT Day!” ~Leisha Tedford Doherty, MSW


Ok, so back to this game-changing Her Heartbeat technology platform:

Our technology is a FREE global broadcasting, communications & multi- media distribution platform for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations to "Ignite Success in Women Personally & Professionally" around the world through branding, cross promotion, increased revenue building tools, language translation and business tools.

Her HeartBeat''s mission is to help women be successful. 
Download our free APP and begin dynamic communication while gaining a larger audience & marketshare. 

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